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Data in a USB Flash Drive is protected by a password.Useful Security Tool
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USB Flash Security is a program that will password-protect your USB memory devices. With these devices becoming cheaper and of a higher capacity, it is now very common to have one or more of them around to help you transfer information from one computer to another. This implies a security risk. Unauthorized users might access the information in your USB memory. Besides, you may get a virus when plugging your pen drive in another computer.

This free application avoids these hazards by protecting your USB memory devices with a password that will be checked by a small program that this utility installs into your USB device. If you do not enter the right password, you will not be able to access the information stored in it, and the system will just recognize it as a 0 bytes unit. You will not be able to save anything on it, either.

The program will recognize every USB flash memory plugged in your system, and will offer you the possibility of installing itself in some or all devices available. An important caveat: when installing this utility all the information already existing in that device will be lost. Therefore, you should perform a backup before installing USB Flash Security. Likewise, when you uninstall this utility, this operation will also erase all the information stored in the USB memory.

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  • It is free
  • It locks your USB devices totally


  • It cannot be installed in a device or uninstalled from it without losing all your information
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